Tuesday, February 23, 2010

No news, but not dead

Just found some time to write, so.. I wanted to say that I'm not dead, and the site is not closed, but at the moment I'm not working on any games. I wanted to play a bit with Android and maybe make some simple games for it and I wanted to make some web game - SM3 maybe. But now I don't have much time and when I have it I use it to work on my newest interest: stock market analyze. A web application which tells which stocks are worth buying based on given criteria.

Please keep in mind that this whole gaming "business" that I have here, was the result of fun and joy the game development has been giving to me.

So, existing games are "feature frozen", I will only fix bugs if any. I just don't know yet when (not if ;-) ) I will make a new game and in what technology.