Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Stock analysis software

Not gamedev related news but.. If you wondered what I'm doing lately, here is the info. I've got interested in stock market and that means that now I'm developing stock analysis app ;-).

First I was programming it in C#, then I have changed my mind and implemented something in PHP as a webapplication, but after I have found a webportal which does the same + 10x more things as mine wannabe portal, I had to rethink my approach (because I still want to monetize on that app). Now I'm implementing it as a desktop application, but this time in Java so multi platform all the way ;). Plus the interface is localized (right now in Polish and English, other languages are also possible). What I like is that you can switch the language without reloading the app (could be used for future games too :) along with using embedded database for storing save games).


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